Upcoming Robotics Workshops in Kakinada

A number of Robotics workshops happen in Kakinada. You can find and enroll in them below.

Now you can do workshops and build projects from your home in Kakinada!

  • The kit needed will be shipped to your home
  • You will get access to online course modules using which you can learn and build Robotics projects right from your home/ school/ college in Kakinada
  • Build projects at your own convenience - time and place
  • You can do a free demo right now before you enroll!

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Recent workshops in Kakinada

Robotics is the art of making robots, machines that combine concepts from multiple engineering disciplines. Creating your own robot will help you practically learn how engineering is applied.

These are the past workshops organized in Kakinada on robotics and related technologies like Energy systems, PCB, etc:

24 Feb 2018 Home Automation System JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada
24 Feb 2018 Renewable Energy JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada
04 Mar 2017 Solar and Smart Energy Systems JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada
06 Jan 2017 Quadcopter Pydah College of Engineering, Kakinada
08 Sep 2016 Persistence of Vision Chaitanya Institute of Science & Technology, Kakinada
29 Sep 2015 Quadcopter Aditya Engineering College, Kakinada
18 Sep 2015 Gesture Based Robotics Chaitanya Institute of Science & Technology, Kakinada
28 Feb 2015 Quadcopter JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada
28 Feb 2015 Solar and Smart Energy Systems JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada
28 Mar 2014 Alternative Energy JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada

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