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Including Mechatronics Kit

Learn Mechatronics in a hands-on manner by building projects. Use Mechatronics kit (shipped to you in 24 hours) to build skills through online tutorials designed by experts. Join students from 67 countries who are learning Mechatronics in this exciting way! You also get 1-1 doubt clarification sessions from experts to help you during your course. Free Demo available for all Mechatronics Online Courses. Select a topic below to start.

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Animatronic Hand

Animatronic Hand


Build a mechatronic hand that can mimic your hand movements

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Mechatronics (Career Building Course)

Mechatronics (Career Building Course)


Learn & develop the skills needed for an exciting career in Mechatronics

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Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm


Build a robotic arm that has 3 degrees of freedom & can be controlled via Bluetooth

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Biped Walking Robot

Biped Walking Robot


Design & build a humanoid robot that can walk on two legs

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Build a six-legged robust robot that can walk on any terrain

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2 Mechatronics Projects

2 Mechatronics Projects


Build 2 projects - robotic arm & biped walking robot

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Automation using PLC

Automation using PLC


Build a pick & place robot and a conveyor belt system using PLC

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FAQs on Mechatronics Online Courses:

    Do Mechatronics Engineering Courses with online classes help?

    Yes, they do. With the right trainers and the right kits delivered to your doorstep, you will master skills in this discipline. The projects come with complete hands-on projects, that gives you a complete understanding of the project along with guided tutorials. The online videos come with creative and interesting multimedia content that contains in-depth knowledge of concepts. The videos cover everything from basics to advance helping you understand concepts from the very first few sessions.

    Who can take up this course?

    Even though most of the courses come with eligibility criteria, it's best if you have worked with Arduino prior or even if you have a strong background in science and math. Any student from Engineering can take up the course or workshop.

    How do I clear my doubts?

    Our online tutorials come with all the material and content you need to learn the course. In case you have doubts that need to be clarified, you can schedule a chat or call with our trainers who will get in touch with you in no time. The trainers and mentors also help you and assist you in projects too.

    Should I return the kits once I complete the course?

    No, you don't have to. Once you’ve enrolled in the course, the kit belongs to you. The best part is that, once you go in for a course upgradation, you will only have to pay for the extra kit components and the course fee.

    Is Mechatronics hard to Study?

    It can be difficult but with a little diligence and hardwork, you should just be fine. The field of Mechatronics is a combination of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, along with a bit of computer engineering and a few other software. Our courses and classes help you with just that. The projects in these courses teach you everything you need from the basics to the start. The field of Mechatronics is relatively new, but if you have a keen interest in science, especially Physics then this course would be just right for you. Mechatronics has a lot of room for innovation, especially when it comes to automation. Catching up on this branch of engineering would just be a good option.

    Is Mechatronics good for the Future?

    It most surely is! This branch of Engineering is quite promising and is constantly growing every day. In a world where automation is taking over and in a place where things are getting more streamlined; this is one of those that specialize in that. Mechatronics came about for a reason and that is to reduce human effort to an extent. Companies and Manufacturing industries are constantly looking out for personnel skilled in mechatronics for their highly challenging, competitive, and innovative field.

    Is Mechatronics Engineering in demand?

    It is! Sources say that the demand for engineers in this field is going to increase by 1.46%, bringing about 19920 jobs into the market. This only means that your potential job is among that number. Not only is the number of jobs increasing but manufacturing industries looking at technological upgrades will need Mechtronics Engineers onboard to evaluate, fix, design, or regulate assembly-line efficiency.

    Once I’m done with the course, will I still be able to access the tutorials and videos?

    Yes, you can. The videos are accessible for a lifetime. You can also use these videos as references too.

    What kind of certification will I be awarded after the completion of the course?

    You will receive smart certificates after completing the course. These certificates can be verified by anyone anywhere. The certificates carry all your achievements from the course.

    What do I get in these fees?

    This Fee will give you:

    1. Open-source software access and guidance.
    2. Course manual and content material
    3. Charges for support and shipping

    Why should I take up this course at Skyfi labs?

    There are very few courses in the market that offer a course or workshop with hands-on experience along with a personal kit that arrives at your doorstep all within 24 hours, in the comfort of your home. The reason why you should take up this course at Skyfi Labs is that our projects are designed and revolve around real-world matters. Most institutions only offer theoretical knowledge in an offline class. But at Skyfi Labs most of the courses including the Mechatronics Course are designed on the line of self-paced learning. Skyfi Labs aims at making learning fun, interactive, and interesting. We want to give students and enthusiasts a break from mundane bookish knowledge. This is an honourable venture by IIT Kanpur Alumni and we are proud to say that we have skilled about 2,50000+ students from across 30 countries. Skyfi Labs comes to you proudly with prestigious awards like the 2nd Best Business Venture Award, Ideas, IIT Kanpur | 30 Most Promising Start-ups, Next Big Idea, IIM Bangalore | Runner-up, UnLtd India Growth Challenge, etc. The courses have also stood the test of time and have been a part of the IIT Delhi Alumni for 5 straight years.

    So, let's talk…?

    How do I get in touch with you?

    Do contact us on our Toll-free: 18001237177 (10 AM - 9 P.M.; Mon-Sat) If you can’t reach us via call then do drop us a mail at

    We prefer emails, as we can assign the right expert for you to answer your questions.

About Mechatronics Projects At Skyfi Labs

Mechatronics can be defined as the integration of Mechanical Engineering with Electronics, Computing Systems, and advanced controls to design, construct, and operate products and processes that help reduce human effort.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field. The skillsets required in this field are Mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, computing, and many more aspects. This is a unified field of various forms of engineering. The field was first conceived in the late 1960s in Japan. Mechatronics was created by a blend of two words, Mechanical engineering, and Electronics.

Our courses and classes in Mechatronics explore several design processes, embedded systems, programmable logic controllers, and the fundamentals of microcontrollers, actuators, and sensor interfacing. The courses at Skyfi Labs come with a comprehensive curriculum that also includes a complete hands-on experience with innovative projects and workshops. Through these workshops, courses, and classes we aim to strengthen your knowledge of the core concepts in Mechatronics.

With our courses at Skyfi Labs, you will receive 3 distinctive benefits:

  • Once you enroll in our courses, you will receive fully-equipped kits containing everything you need for that particular project, within 24 hours.
  • These courses are completely online. The tutorials are designed and structured with top multimedia content that explains each of the concepts in detail. This means that you can acquire the best of the skills all in the comfort of your home. You can also schedule meetings with the trainers when you have doubts or if you need assistance in your projects.
  • By the end of the course, you will have an attractive portfolio that you have made from scratch along with Smart Certificates that can be verified by anyone from any part of the world.
Our courses are designed in a way that will help you learn by experimenting, rather than just sticking to the book. You may not get it right the first few times, but that is why our skilled trainers are here to help. We understand the importance of practical exposure and how working on projects give you a thorough understanding of the subject. The courses cover vital topics like Arduino programing and Architecture, how servo motors work, Bluetooth communications, the locomotion of a robot, the crawling strategy of Hexapods and so many more interesting concepts.

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