Upcoming Robotics Workshops in Nagpur

A number of Robotics workshops happen in Nagpur. The following workshops are scheduled in near future. Enroll today and learn Robotics practically!

Sorry we cannot find any Robotics workshops happening in Nagpur the near future.

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Recent workshops in Nagpur

Robotics is the art of making robots, machines that combine concepts from multiple engineering disciplines. Creating your own robot will help you practically learn how engineering is applied.

These are the past workshops organized in Nagpur on robotics and related technologies like Energy systems, PCB, etc:

19 Aug 2017 IoT using Arduino Skyfi Labs Center
01 Mar 2017 Sensor Guided Robotics GH Raisoni College of Engineering
18 Jul 2015 Gesture Based Robotics Skyfi Labs Center
07 Jun 2014 Quadcopter Skyfi Labs Center
30 May 2014 Image Processing Skyfi Labs Center
30 May 2014 STP2014: Robotics Skyfi Labs Center
30 May 2014 STP2014: Quadrotor and Image Processing Skyfi Labs Center
30 May 2014 STP2014: RC Aircraft and Quadrotor Skyfi Labs Center

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