Robotics Workshops in Coimbatore

Past Workshops happened in Coimbatore

Robotics is the art of making robots, machines that combine concepts from multiple engineering disciplines. Creating your own robot will help you practically learn how engineering is applied.

These are the past workshops organized in Coimbatore on robotics and related technologies like Energy systems, PCB, etc:

30 Sep 2017 Voice Controlled Robot Skyfi Labs Center
09 Sep 2017 Swarm Robotics Skyfi Labs Center
02 Sep 2017 IoT using Arduino Skyfi Labs Center
19 Aug 2017 Animatronic Hand Skyfi Labs Center
29 Jul 2017 WiFi Controlled Robot Skyfi Labs Center
01 Jul 2017 Home Automation System Skyfi Labs Center
19 Jun 2017 7 Robots in 6 Days Skyfi Labs Center
02 Mar 2017 Animatronic Hand Amrita School of Engineering
30 Jan 2017 Quadcopter Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology
19 Dec 2016 7 Robots in 6 Days Skyfi Labs Center

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About Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a major industrial city in Tamil Nadu, often likened to being the Manchester or Detroit of Southern India. It's famous for the manufacture of motor pump sets and varied engineering goods Know More..