The Roboversity Winter Training Program

on Solar Smart Energy Home Automation, 7 Robots

With winter comes the ideal time for engineering students looking for opportunities to go for training programs and gain maximum experience. Roboversity Winter training programs in Robotics, Quadcopter and RC Aircraft provide hands-on learning experience in building engineering projects for interested students of mechanical, electronics, electrical, automobile, computer science and related disciplines . This helps in interpreting Engineering, a profession where creativity and skills matter the most.

Based on aptitude levels and specialization fields, engineering students can avail Winter Training Programs offered by Roboversity in 13 cities across India. These training programs allow students to accumulate latest skills while having a lot of fun. The programs are designed to let the students clear their confusion on engineering concepts and find new innovative ideas.

Similar to all course by Roboversity, the winter training program is developed with a lot of care by experts to ensure quality learning by building projects. The courses in Robotics, Quadcopter and RC Aircraft have been a part of Roboversity winter training program for the last 3 years and saw very good participation from the students. The course have also been upgraded with time.

We also have an open book exam (an exam where students can refer to books/ notes) to measure the amount of learning students undergo during this period. The exams are created to measure the practical/ application skills that the students have learnt by participating and developing projects in the Roboversity winter training program and not their memory. So students need not have the pressure of mugging up text books like they normally do in their courses. The purpose of exam is not to judge the students but to give them an opportunity to measure how much progress they have made during the program. It also helps the students to quantify the learning and mention their scores in their resumes to support their achievement instead of just mentioning that they participated in a training program.

At the end of the program students would be getting certificates. Merit certificates would also be given to recognize the students who show good amount of innovation during the program. All certificates given in Roboversity Winter Training Program come with unique number that can be verified online for authenticity.