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About Machine Learning Career Building Course

This career building course involves you to build multiple projects and helps you develop a good understanding of Machine Learning practically.
You will develop the following projects from basics to advanced:

  1. New House Price Prediction
  2. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  3. Movie Recommendation System
  4. Hand Written Digits Recognition

How to do the Online Course?

Learn and Develop Fraud Detection using ML Project in 3 Steps

Login to our Online Learning Portal will be provided instantaneously upon enrolling. This Portal gives you access to video lectures, tutorials and quizzes required to develop your Machine Learning using Python project. As you complete the course your project will also be completed.

About Online Course

Course Structure

Module 1: What is Machine Learning

Learn: What is Machine Learning

Learn: Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning

Learn: Machine Learning Terminology & Pipeline

Learn: Tools for Machine Learning

Do: Installation of Anaconda

Do: Setting up a Jupyter Notebook

Do: Explore Jupyter

Review: What is Machine Learning

Module 2: Your First Machine Learning Model - Boston Housing

Learn: Boston Housing - Problem Description

Learn: Types of Data & Its Implications

Learn: Preprocessing of Data

Do: Import BH Data

Do: Data Visualization of BH Data

Do: Correlation between Target & Attributes

Review: Your First Machine Learning Model!

Module 3: Mean Squared Error

Learn: Errors & Types

Learn: Mean Squared Error

Do: Define MSE Function

Do: Calculate MSE for Sample Data

Review: Mean Squared Error

Module 4: Data Splitting & Accuracy of Model - Boston Housing

Learn: Testing & Training Data - Cross Validation

Do: Split the dataset

Review: Data Splitting & Accuracy of Model

Module 5: Linear Regression - Boston Housing

Learn: Linear Regression & its Types

Learn: Gradient Descent - Learning Rates

Learn: Programming logic - Update Function

Do: Update Function

Learn: Programming logic - Descent Function

Do: Descent Function

Learn: Programming logic - Model Training Visualization

Do: Model Training Visualization

Learn: Programming logic - Error Visualization

Do: Error Visualization

Review: Linear Regression

Module 6: Machine Learning Prediction - Boston Housing

Learn: Prediction & Validation

Learn: Programming logic - Prediction of Prices

Do: Prediction of Prices

Do: Train Model with Different Attributes & Predict

Review: Machine Learning Prediction

Module 7: Machine Learning Prediction - Boston Housing

Learn: Credit Card Fraud Detection - Problem Description

Learn: Data Preprocessing - Programming Logic

Do: Import & Visualize Data

Do: Preprocess Data

Module 8: SelectKBest Features

Learn: What is SelectkBest

Learn: SelectKBest - Programming Logic

Do: SelectKBest Features

Do: Discard Bad Features

Do: Visualize Features

Module 9: Train Model

Learn: What is Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm

Learn: What is Cross Validation

Learn: Gaussian Naive Bayes - Programming Logic

Do: CCFD - Split Dataset

Module 10: Fraud Prediction

Learn: What is Confusion Matrix

Learn: Confusion Matrix - Programming Logic

Learn: Evaluation & Visualization

Module 11: Movie Recommendation System

Learn: Movie Recommendation - Problem Description

Learn: MRS - Problem Setup

Do: Download & Import Data

Module 12: MRS - Data Preprocessing

Learn: MRS - Data Visualization - Programming Logic

Learn: MRS - Data Processing - Programming Logic

Do: MRS - Data Vizualization - Movies

Do: MRS - Data Processing - Movies

Do: MRS - Data Vizualization & Processing - Users

Do: MRS - Create pivot table and sparse matrix

Do: MRS - Map Data - Movies to Movie ID

Module 13: MRS - Train the Model

Learn: K Nearest Neighbours

Do: MRS - Train the Model

Review: K Nearest Neighbours

Module 14: MRS - Evaluate Model & Predict

Learn: MRS - Search Movie Title - Programming Logic

Do: MRS - Search Movie Title

Do: MRS - Recommend Movies

Module 15: Recognize Handwritten Digits

Learn: What is Deep Learning?

Learn: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Problem Description

Learn: MNIST Dataset - Description

Learn: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Problem Setup

Do: Import MNIST Dataset

Module 16: MNIST Dataset - Preprocessing the Data

Learn: Basic Properties of an Image

Do: MNIST Data - Properties of the Dataset

Do: MNIST Data - Visualize Samples of the Data

Do: MNIST Data - Scaling the Data

Module 17: Neural Networks in Deep Learning

Learn: What is a Neural Network

Learn: Representation of Neural Networks

Learn: Output of a Neural Network

Learn: Activation Functions in Neural Networks

Learn: TensorFlow & Keras - Basic Concepts

Learn: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Deep Learning Model - Programming Logic

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Setup Neural Network

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Train the Model

Module 18: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Evaluate the Model & Predict the Digits

Learn: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Model Evaluation - Programming Logic

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Vizualize model training

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Evaluate Accuracy & Make Predictions

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Evaluate Accuracy & Make Predictions

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Function to Visualize Results

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Visualize Prediction of Random Samples

Do: Recognize Handwritten Digits - Visualize Prediction of Incorrect Samples

Team Size and Certification

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Anybody who want to develop machine learning skills & build an exciting career in machine learning can take up this career building course.

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